Walk and Talk Therapy

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What is walk and talk therapy?

Walk and talk therapy is an alternative to traditional indoor or virtual therapy. Walk and talk therapy is an approach which combines the benefits of outdoors with your sessions.
Being outdoors and walking can be beneficial because.

1. It can help the client feel more relaxed in session
2. It can help the client feel less confined
3. It can activate bilateral stimulation, which is helpful when processing distressing events.
4. We can utilize the healing power of nature and the environment promote security and connection.

Is walk and talk therapy right for me?

This type of therapy can be great for anyone who
1. Feels uncomfortable in a confined space,
2. Has trouble sitting still when having sessions
3 Has an ample amount of energy.

Research supports that Walk and talk therapy can help regulate moods, While decreasing negative and intrusive thoughts or feelings. After walk and talk therapy sessions clients report feeling more energized and refreshed.

What if I have concerns about walk and talk therapy?

Since this form of therapy is essentially conducted out in the open, there may be some concern about privacy. The decision to conduct this therapy will be based on an agreement between the counselor and client. Boundaries can be established prior to the session to make both parties feel more comfortable during the session. Walk and talk therapy is an alternative approach and may not be offered or ideal for every client.