Is Intensive EMDR right for me?

Intensive EMDR is ideal for jaded professionals, stressed leaders, and parents trying to break the cycle of generational trauma.

How Does Intensive EMDR work?

The Intensive Blueprint:

• Pre-consultation interview: This will determine fit and focus for intensive. In this interview, we will explore blocking beliefs, memories, images, and emotions that create distress.
• Personalized treatment workbook: This guide gives you the opportunity to explore your desired outcomes before we meet, during sessions, and after our intensives.
• Precise program with targeted goals: After developing a customized treatment plan with Yunetta, processing can begin. Virtual and in-person options are available ranging from 2-8 intensive sessions blocks for 90mins – 4 hours.
• Post-treatment interview: This meeting is intended to evaluate your growth as well as support the integration of adaptive changes in your life.



During your EMDR intensive we will collaborate to:

• Provide psychoeducation related to the brain and body connection to emotional wounds.
• Identify resources and coping skills to navigate challenging experiences related to memories, present circumstances, and future fears.
• Discover the origin of blocking beliefs and ways to unblock yourself.
• Embody the best version of yourself and embrace internal resources.
• Foster relief from stressors, depression, and triggers as well as encourage adaptive ways of thinking, feeling, and being.
Adjunct EMDR

We’ve all had those moments in therapy where we feel stuck or loop on issues related to negative life experiences. It can be discouraging for both the client and the therapist. Often times, when the primary therapist and client collaborate with an EMDR therapist, this partnership can help move treatment forward. 


I partner with primary therapists and their clients to target their clients’ specific memories, body sensations, or limiting beliefs with EMDR. By narrowly targeting specific traumatic memories or intrusive material, brief adjunct EMDR can accelerate progress in traditional therapy, help the client and the primary therapist to resolve stuck points, and enrich their ongoing work.


Adjunct therapy does not replace or interrupt ongoing therapy; it is supplemental to the primary therapeutic relationship. With adjunct EMDR therapy, clients continue to receive treatment with their primary therapist. Usually, adjunct therapy is short term (4-12 extended sessions) and desensitizes single incident trauma or simple phobias that interfere with the client’s therapeutic gains. Treatment is scheduled in an intensive format. The success of treatment is based on clearly defined goals for the EMDR therapist, defined in collaboration with the primary therapist and client.


You didn’t arrive here overnight, so you probably won’t heal in one hour.


Intensives are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays with 1 premium evening and weekend option per month.


Sessions can range from 90 minutes – 4 hours each occurrence. Sessions may be offered for two consecutive days or 2-3 times per week.


Healing takes time. Let’s take the time you need to get the relief you deserve.

Intensive EMDR

Now offering EMDR intensives sessions for individuals who desire to get to the root of their trauma, break cycles and build better boundaries.


Yunetta Spring Smith is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Certified EMDR Therapist, as well as a coach and consultant for developing EMDR therapists. She is an expert in connecting with the children that live within adult bodies.

Yunetta specializes in childhood trauma and how that trauma manifests in adulthood. She is passionate about working with adults, guiding them through coming to terms with the reality of childhood neglect, trauma, and generational wounds.  Her goal is helping clients build better boundaries from the ground up.


“I love EMDR and it’s a privilege to cultivate an Intensive, Intentional space to Incite your healing.“

– Yunetta

Is EMDR intensive therapy right for you?

Have you ever felt like one hour of therapy just wasn't enough?

Our EMDR Intensive therapy sessions are designed for the highly motivated busy professional. EMDR Intensives allow you the time and space you need to process distressing life experiences without the fear of running out of time. 

If you are ready to get the root of your problems all at once rather than digging around for months intensives might be for you. Invest in the opportunity to experience insight without interruption.

Are you willing to travel?

Evening and weekend options are available. We can provide recommendations for lodging, restorative, and self-care activities while you are in town.