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“Where you look affects how you feel.”

Brainspotting therapy is a powerful brain and body approach utilized to heal deep emotional wounds.  A foundational element of this approach supports the concept that where you look effects how you feel. Brainspotting gives us the ability to unlock and unpack unprocessed trauma or negative experiences in the deepest part of the brain. This subcortical part of our brain is responsible for activities such as memory, pleasure, hormone production and emotion.  These deep parts of the brain are accessed through various eye positions. During a session, your therapist can utilize a pointer, and slowly guide the client’s eyes until it fixes and focuses on a particular point in space (brainspot). The spot assists in activating, processing, and overcoming mental, emotional, and in some cases physical pain.

Who can benefit from Brainspotting?

“I think a more appropriate question is who can’t benefit from brainspotting”

Brainspotting is known to be helpful for those experiencing:
•    physical and emotional trauma-based situations
•    Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)
•    Anxiety
•    Attachment Issues
•    Anger
•    Phobias
•    Attention problems.
•    Sport and creative performance problems.

Information on Effectiveness:

Brainspotting therapy utilizes interpersonal and neurobiological attunement to process unresolved events.  Brainspotting can help clients reprocess negative memories and associations that affect their everyday life. Used mainly for psychological concerns, brainspotting has also shown positive results in pinpointing and healing behavioral and physical conditions. It is recommended as an alternative to traditional conversational therapy.

How will I know if Brainspotting is right for me?

Before beginning treatment, your Therapist will explain the therapeutic process of
Brainspotting in detail. If you or your Therapist have any reservations to utilizing this treatment modality it will not be administered.
For additional information on Brainspotting check out this video below.